Winter Service Tips

Winter can be tough-on people, on the heating bill and even on our cars. For this reason, it's important to provide your vehicle with excellent winter service throughout the season. Keeping it in good shape will promise the best performance both now and later.

One of the first things you should tend to are your tires. Good tires will make all the difference when driving in snow and ice. Check to see that yours are properly inflated and that the tread is still good. Tire tread will help give you traction when you're driving on slick surfaces. If you plan to spend a lot of time driving in the snow, you might consider investing in a set of winter tires designed to withstand anything winter throws their way.

Once you're set on tires, give the rest of your car a general checkup. Look at your heat and windshield wipers, plus your wiper fluids. These elements will be important when it comes to visibility. A functioning defroster will be your best friend on icy mornings, while fresh wiper blades and wiper fluid will help you clean off all of the salt the splashes up on your windshield. Speaking of salt, treat your vehicle to a carwash every four weeks in the winter to protect from long-term corrosion that will otherwise occur.

During the winter, you should also keep an eye on your car's battery. Cold weather takes its toll on an old battery, so while yours may have worked well in the summer, the winter could mean the end. If it's almost time to replace it, go ahead and do it to save yourself from a dead battery on a cold winter evening. Also, keep a constant watch on the gas tank, making sure it's always at least half full. If it gets too low, it may create condensation which can freeze in the gas line, and that's no good! Stay on top of your car's needs this winter and it start the spring off in tip-top shape.

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